Linear Edge Technologies | Markets
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Market Segmentation

The  natural markets for LinearEdge include:

Underground Mining

Underground Mining

  • Full “set of tools” to improve safety, productivity and profits
  • One system can do the work of several existing systems
  • Fully scalable and can be added onto existing systems
  • Deploy anywhere in the mine without taxing manpower

First Responders / Firefighters

  • Most capable, real time, tracking system (RTLS) available
  • 3D map with 3D location of each crew member
  • Building schematic detail available to each crew member
  • Utilize distributed network of rugged, hand-held, smart phone/walkie-talkies
Firefighters at work

Refuge Chambers

  • Voice communication from within a sealed chamber to first responders
  • Easily combined with 3D tracking system (RTLS)
  • Track and coordinate with First Responders
  • Utilizes UHF distributed network system
  • 96 hour battery backup

Border Security

  • High performance network well suited for long stretches lacking infrastructure
  • Solar powered network and sensors, video cameras, etc. in concealed locations
  • Fully scalable to work with local or federal agencies in diverse needs
  • Able to deploy in an extremely cost efficient manner
Border Fence