Linear Edge Technologies | Innovations
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Products and Innovations

Our robust, scalable, flexible, and cost effective suite of tools provide miners, first responders, and others working in challenging environments, technological advantages not previously available.

Wireless Wi-Fi Data Backbone

The heart of our underground system is a High Performance Wireless Mesh Network that maintains high bandwidth, over many hops and long distances with multiple data pathways.

Performs very well in challenging environments and includes a 96 hour battery backup to maintain service during emergencies.

Utilizing our High Performance Network we have built the following state of the art capabilities:


(all functionality of a smart phone)

  • Voice (two-way), Video (two-way “Skype & FaceTime”), Still Photos
  •  Text & Full Internet Access
  • Provides for voice, text, and streaming video
  • 96 hour, 20 lb, battery backup


  • Communicates information in real time
  • Location context for all tracking and monitoring
  • Easy access to useful information anywhere, surface or underground
  • LinearWatch Dashboard for monitor and control


Completely new and revolutionary (patent pending) method of tracking men and equipment.


Capable of providing +- 20 feet accuracy (best case) every 5 seconds in underground mines better accuracy in buildings.


Can track Android Devices and/or Tracking Tags on personnel or on equipment.


Includes the additional benefit of using our “wanderer mode” to track a piece of equipment or important pallet of materials (or similar) stashed away in the mine, or on the portal deck, or mine yard, for 10 years with an investment of less than $25.00.


All tracking information is overlaid on the AUTO CAD Mine map or Building Schematic in real time.

We predict this will become the Industry Standard for Real Time Tracking due to the Dynamite Combination of:

Ease of Deployment

High Accuracy

Low Maintenance

(10-year Battery Life)

Relatively Low Cost


Mine-wide Total Ventilation Monitoring

  • Provides full-time real-time mine ventilation survey with:
    • Dual Mode Barometric Pressure reporting
      • Relative Pressure, Actual Pressure
    • Color Ramp quick view barometric pressure status (on map)
    • Icon Hover to check actual values, pressure, velocity & volume (on map)
    • Detail History of all parameters, including temperature, through LinearWatch Dashboard


  • Atmosphere/ Gas Monitoring
    • CH4
    • CO
    • H2S
    • Virtually all gasses encountered during mining
    • DUST
    • Humidity
  • Streaming Video (key locations)
  • Equipment Status Monitoring (fixed or mobile)
    • Vibration, Temperature, Pressure, Electrical
  • Ground/Rock (possibility)
    • Roof stability / deformation, Pillar stability, Seismicity
  • Monitoring of almost any parameter that can be collected and converted to digital data
REDClifff Mine Map glh5 Baro+ Ramp Model (1)


  • Voice Communication, (Two mine-wide Modes)
  • VoIP (Voice over IP)
  • Roaming through Wi-Fi coverage
  • ROIP (Radio over IP)
  • UHF Walkie-Talkie, no leaky feeder
  • Wireless UHF Distributed Network
  • Talk & share location information between radios
  • The LE Reach – a unique, rugged smartphone/walkie-talkie
LE Reach phone